Coffins, Cats and Fair Trade Sex Toys“Coffins, Cats and Fair Trade Sex Toys is Jeremy’s first book. It tells the story of how he became involved in fair trade, what fair trade is all about and what it’s like to be a fair trade buyer. From the supplier who made a lathe from an old washing machine in Sri Lanka, to the peasants who gave him roast guinea pig for lunch in Ecuador, to the house with the tree growing through it in India,

“Coffins, Cats and Fair Trade Sex Toys” is a light-hearted look at what fair trade means to individual people. It’s also the story of a fantastically successful business, charting the growth of SHARED EARTH from an unknown shop in York to the UK’s largest fair trade retailer. It asks questions too. Is fair trade a long term trend or a short term fashion? Will there be a fair trade label for crafts as well as food? Is global warming a more important problem than poverty?

There Is No Death“There Is No Death: Letters from Katharine Ludlow 1926-1935″ is a not for profit book published to raise funds for Tara Projects, a group which runs community schools in New Delhi’s slums and campaigns against child labour.

Katharine Ludlow was a medium who had the gift of  “automatic handwriting”. These letters are messages to her, written by her at top speed and without conscious thought, from an Oxford rector who lived in the early 1800s, and from her father after he died in 1933.  Whether you believe that the life of the spirit continues after death or not, the letters contain many spiritual insights which are as relevant today as when they were written. Edited by Jeremy, Katharine’s grandson, they are a fascinating insight into life after death, and more important, how to live a better life on earth.

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